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  • Wicken showcases at Fashion Week 2019

    I was approached a few months ago about showcasing Wicken at NZ fashion week and now it is here!   I thank all of you, the ‘Witches of Wicken’ for this opportunity as I wouldn’t be here without you all, without your support, your loyalty and your knowing of the ‘Witch’. Your acceptance and belief... View Post
  • Wicken features in Vanity Fair UK mag!

    Check out the latest Vanity Fair UK October 2019 edition to see Wicken lantern pendant featured! (no.10)   View Post
  • PINK visits Wicken!

    One of THE most amazing and surreal moments that myself and ‘Wicken’ have ever had!! P!nk came into the store this afternoon and of course I went straight up to her and gave her hug (as I do.. 😣💫) She was with her beautiful daughter Willow. Willow was drawn to the witch hat ring in pink! 💕 P!nk w... View Post