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PINK visits Wicken!

PINK visits Wicken!

One of THE most amazing and surreal moments that myself and ‘Wicken’ have ever had!! P!nk came into the store this afternoon and of course I went straight up to her and gave her hug (as I do.. 😣💫) She was with her beautiful daughter Willow. Willow was drawn to the witch hat ring in pink! 💕 P!nk was drawn to the Triple Goddess ring with Moldavite as the centre moon 🔮 I explained that the Triple Goddess represents the Lineage of women... P!nks Mum, P!nk, and Willow.  That was the ring she chose 🔮
I am beyond words as to how to describe how incredibly humbled and emotional I felt that P!nk chose a piece of Wicken today.
@pink , I hope you feel as much magic and energy from my rings as I felt from having the honour of meeting you and Willow today xxx
Forever a moment in time
Forever grateful 💫💕🔮
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