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  • The Looking Glass Ring

The Looking Glass Ring


I have sourced this beauty from the blue springs in Arkansas.  Arkansas Ice quartz is one of the purist, and most sought after quartz in the world
This crystal has incredible clarity and is highly prized for its ability to dispel negativity and has amazing properties to be able to magnify and amplify the healing vibration of other crystals worn with it
It will enhance your intuition and ability to manifest like never before! 
The ‘LOOKING GLASS’ is strongly asking you to look at where you are, and more importantly who you are.
Are you truly living in your absolute truth, without judgment of yourself or others?
So many of you have travelled so far on this journey of awakening! 
It has been challenging, 
It has been painful, 
It has given you moments of happiness and wonder and absolute ‘AWE’ of how far you have come! 
The ‘LOOKING GLASS’ is asking you to reflect and TO REMEMBER!
What you have been through, how strong you really are, and now more than ever,  that you need to keep moving forward! 
Always moving up, always ascending 
It is calling you to stand in your truth! 
Stand in your absolute power! 
Stand in your absolute beauty!
This is where the Magick lives