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The Priestess Earrings

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You have heard the call!

Started your authentic journey with courage and honour, not knowing where it will lead, only that it is what you needed to do, it was time.

Setting fourth to heal your self and confront the shadow and expose the light with you.
To keep travelling, to keep moving forward, with spiritual and conscious guidance, showing such vulnerability, to hide nothing from yourself.

You have decided, you have transformed, integrated, deeply healed, and are now experiencing a feeling of true Sovereignty, an excitement, a calmness, a knowing.

You have found the awen, the power and beauty of Cerridwen, the witch, the priestess, the goddess, and will carry this knowledge and change out into the world. You will shine.
Her story is your story, and you are bringing her back to make a lasting change within you, that no one can touch or ever take away.

You have returned, you are home.


Available in 9ct Yellow Gold and 9ct White Gold


Stone Options

 Aquamarine Stone of empowerment and true alignment.
It brings about a quiet strength, inspiring truth, trust and letting go.
Aquamarine is known for opening up to clear communication, fearlessness, courage, and to calmly express our ideas, beliefs, emotions and personal truth.
It will enhance your intuition and connect you to the divine feminine.


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