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The Labyrinth

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You are now embarking on one of the most difficult and beautiful journeys. You have come through your first transformation. You are not alone.

There are goddess following you every step of the way. This is also true in the physical realm, with your sisterhood. They will give you support, guidance, and strength as you ascend, then start your descent, and trace your steps over and over as many times and as long as it takes, to learn something more about yourself each time. Acknowledging and healing every step that you need to.

Along the magickal trail of the Labyrinth, embracing your new emerging self, you will find inner gifts like boundaries, value of self, loving yourself, standing up for what you believe, and who you are. You will find tools to help you, you will relearn where needed, and align with your true Sovereignty.

You will occasionally also feel lost!
Call on your guides and sisterhood to keep you on the right track. You are protected always and will find your way through!

You will start to gain more strength, you will feel yourself starting to heal, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Hold the light as you confront again your shadow and light, this will test and show you how far you have come, as your fears no longer hold any perceived power they once might have. Again, illusion.

Hold your new vibration as it grows and unfolds before you.
Do not go back, you have reached the top of the Tor, you are finding the answers and the outcome will be worth every step you took.


Available in 9ct Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver

Stone Options


The great protector!
Onyx will bring you power and strength, relieving fears and providing safety.
It is also know for it’s amazing ability as a talisman of self mastery, and mental strength.
It encourages endurance, is grounding and stable during times of turbulence.
It can help to bring you into entire alignment within yourself, to then be able to connect with the powers of the universe and your higher self.
Wear as an amulet of protection and to keep your instincts sharp.



Moonstone honours Cerridwen
Goddess of inspiration & knowledge and guardian if spiritual transformation.
Moonstone can illuminate hidden truths and is a talisman for the inward journey.
It can help to bring forth the parts of you that need to be rediscovered or found.
It holds the energy of the new moon, and is calming to the emotions.
It helps with self expression and enhances genuine intuition.
Dispels negativity and brings about inspiration.



Stone of empowerment and true alignment.
It brings about a quiet strength, inspiring truth, trust and letting go.
Aquamarine is known for opening up to clear communication, fearlessness, courage, and to calmly express our ideas, beliefs, emotions and personal truth.
It will enhance your intuition and connect you to the divine feminine.



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