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The Apple Ring

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Avalon - The Isle of Apples

You have now put your feet on land, grounded, decided. Do you feel the ancient memories and energy?
This is a fully conscious and empowered decision to heal.
The apple is full of divine feminine wisdom and you will be provided with the energy and guidance that you will need to embark on this journey of healing and self discovery.
It is time to question
What is your truth
What do you need
Who are you
What needs to be healed
What are your fears that need to be released
Be brave and speak it all, the honest truth, to the isle of apples, your guides will be there, they will listen, they will guide you.
There is a reason you are here, in part, it is to transform your fears and beliefs to obtain the knowledge needed to birth the transformation of your lineage, the generations to come.
This Journey is powerful, it is important, and it takes your strength and bravery to make this change and impart the wisdom of the apple.

Lift any illusions


Available in 9ct Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver

Stone Options

 Rainbow Opal Rainbow opal is a precious stone known as a transformer crystal.
It brings forward your traits and characteristics, ready to look into if the are needing in some way to transform. It amplifies feelings that are no longer wanted or needed and help to release them.
Rainbow opal will bring an abundance of light energy to you, to soothe an encourage optimism.
It will release inhibitions and protect you for deep inner work.
It is healing and strengthens your emotional self to be able to honestly look into your true self.
It will enhance our efforts to change a situation and keep moving forward for the better.




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