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Rune Pendant

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Tap into the Ancient energies of Viking Runes! 


Runes are like spells, each of these options offer up ab energy much similar to how a crystal works! 


Protection Rune – for dealing with inner conflict, feel reassured you have the strength to overcome.  You are protected.

Opening Rune – to give clarity over something upsetting you.  Move forward and receive. Rune of clear thinking to help you dispel worry.

Breakthrough Rune – positive rune telling you change has occurred at the right time. Opportunities will come in an abstract form, embrace them.

Good luck Rune – a bind rune combination of Gebo the Gift rune with Fehu the Wealth rune.  Known as “Gibu Auja” meaning “Bringer of good fortune”.

Love Rune – wear this ancient bind rune using fire, water and earth to manifest love and passion to attract that special someone in your life.

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