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Moon Manifestation Set

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"Moon Manifestation Set"


Arkansas Ice Quartz "The Looking Glass Ring" or the Rainbow Moon Stone "The Moon Trail Ring" Paired with Double "Supreme Rings" Sold as one set for less than purchasing the rings individually! 

You really feel it the minute you put in on. I call it the “full circuit’ 

The Ice quartz is known the most pure quartz in the world, so it always reminds me of the Moon. Pure, authentic, yet with an extremely beautiful soft power.

It is yours to direct. If you take away all your doubts, fears and really just let yourself manifest! Ask for exactly what you would like, the universe can’t help unless it knows, and it will know if it is genuine, so ask away!

The Rainbow Moon Stone is for a soft and graceful transformation in your life, inviting the exact people and energies you need to make positive change within yourself and your environment. Follow the Moon's trail towards your true calling with a stunning and unique Rainbow Moonstone!

The two Supreme rings complete the circuit of what you put out you also bring in. You can help yourself so much when you lift your vibration and bring that energy inward, that shine from you, will then in turn lift others.


* The rings are three seperate rings, just made to be worn together for full potential!

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