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Cauldron Pendant

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Seeking the Cauldron

Once you have been through the cauldron of transformation, you can not go back to the way you were.
The cauldron inspires and creates the powers of the universe. It brews the pure Magick and potential that you have put in and nurtured within yourself.
This is you, this is who you were always meant to be.
You have connected with your soul. You have faced your shadow and joined it with your light, and nothing can now stop you from following your truth.
It has been tough, it has been painful, there were times when you didn’t think it would end, yet here you are! Emerged!
At peace with yourself, and more determined and excited than you’ve ever felt.
If you have had the courage to find the Awen (divine inspiration) of the cauldron, use it with honour, with the upmost respect , and with centuries of your ancestors standing with you, make you’re comeback into this world the most amazing experience of your life


Available in 9ct Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver

 Stone Options


The great protector!
Onyx will bring you power and strength, relieving fears and providing safety.
It is also know for it’s amazing ability as a talisman of self mastery, and mental strength.
It encourages endurance, is grounding and stable during times of turbulence.
It can help to bring you into entire alignment within yourself, to then be able to connect with the powers of the universe and your higher self.
Wear as an amulet of protection and to keep your instincts sharp.


Lapis Lazuli

Wisdom & Truth
This ancient stone is known as the ‘stone of truth’
It will reveal inner truth, self awareness and acceptance.
It helps to bring forth feelings that have been suppressed and encourages self expression.
It also encourages freedom from negative thought, releasing stress and creating peace.
As a talisman it will help to keep negativity away whilst absorbing as much positive energy as it can.



Moonstone honours Cerridwen
Goddess of inspiration & knowledge and guardian if spiritual transformation.
Moonstone can illuminate hidden truths and is a talisman for the inward journey.
It can help to bring forth the parts of you that need to be rediscovered or found.
It holds the energy of the new moon, and is calming to the emotions.
It helps with self expression and enhances genuine intuition.
Dispels negativity and brings about inspiration.


Montana Teal Sapphire

The stone of wisdom will bring you protection, good fortune and spiritual insight.
It will encourage your power and strength with kindness and wise judgment.
It will become your pointer, director and compass, and offer you wisdom, integrity and clear vision.
It will help you in calming the mind and enhance your own inner beauty and intuition.




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