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Avalon Moon Ring

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Entering the Mists

If you are being drawn by the Avalon moon, you have begun
You are bringing Avalon to the new world.
You have arrived at the shores that will lead you to the most significant, and magickal journey, not only for yourself, but for those to come.

You are ready.

This is no easy feat, it takes courage and strength to change generations of beliefs and ways of being, to then make, and see the change needed within your self.
This is your personal journey, no one else’s, to align you with a world that needs your light, your guidance and your Magick.


Available in 9ct Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver


Stone Options

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is a prism that holds and reflects your aura to help clear the mind, protect and calm. It can ease emotional trauma and is a support stone. Rainbow moonstone strongly connects with the energy of nature. It works with the cycles of the moon and as a talisman protects you on travels to other lands by guiding you along the way.



Intuition / trust/ wisdom
Tanzanite will help you with spiritual exploration.
It has a very high vibration, and it’s energy is very protective, and provides safety.
When worn it’s transmutable colours and vibrations of blues and purples will stay within your aura and help to bring about spiritual awakening and help with any healing needed within you.



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