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Ascension Ring

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The Ascension Ring

Green Prism Quartz

(This Piece is Made to Order, Approx 9-10 Weeks for orders made on 14th June 2024 onward)


This is your Doorway to Ascension!

This Ring has been created to help you readily access the realms that are beginning to open up before you.

You are a light worker that is quickly moving higher into new dimensions of your consciousness, this is the pathway of Ascension.

You have received the lessons, come through them with strength and you've taken action.

You are now in a place of complete faith, in

your most graceful and powerful form and all in on what you are truly here to do.

Your Energy will be protected.

Your Boundaries will be in place.

Your Dimensions will be expanding, visions will be clear.

Colours are changing and vibrating, synchronising with your energy, therefore bringing forth epiphanies, strong creativity, flow, calm and excitement all at the same time. You are creating full Empowerment of your Divine Feminine & Goddess state of being!

This is happening to rapidly raise the vibration of healers, to awaken fully to your potential on the planet. By stepping into this flow state... you truly embrace this call and the more the earth and people around you will benefit. You are not alone, as this new world takes shape.

The Magickal properties of this natural Green Prism Quartz, have been precisely cut to reflect nature, and act as your light temple, honoured from the ancient and powerful ways of Lemuria.... Drawing in the light beam energy needed for Ascension, acting as a channel for healing vibrations.


Available in Solid Sterling Silver, Solid 9ct Yellow, Rose & White Gold

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