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The Mage

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The ‘Mage’ ring is set with a beautiful and Mystical Rose de France Amethyst, cut into a swirling vortex
Set in 9ct White Gold or 9ct Rose Gold
The ‘Mage’ is a Sorceress.
She harnesses and directs her knowledge, experiences and Magick, for greater healing and purpose. 
The pieces of Wicken have been created to guide you on your journey, wherever on that journey you may be. 
Now, this ring is for someone who has been through the storms, through the intensity of transformation, has found themselves , and navigated their way to the truest and most authentic way of being, only then to be thrown into a ‘plot twist’! and realise that the real journey has only just begun!! 
The Vortex of this stone draws  inward to discovery of the Self. 
Trust becomes everything! 
Letting go, letting it happen, trusting that it will work out and be ok! 
Surrender to the excitement and Magick of what is to come! 
It is about really doing the work, using the tools you have learned so far to really look into yourself with absolute honesty. 
Without hiding, or not resolving, 
or not forgiving anything that you may have needed to, in order to protect, or pretend that it was ok. 
It is time to set yourself free, and to heal. (Even if it’s really hard..)
The ‘Mage’ is asking you to TRUST
Trust yourself
Trust the universe
Trust your instincts
To get ready for the next step! 
To shed your old ways and move forward freely and fearlessly to your absolute self, without ANY expectation from others, or more importantly, yourself

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