Zeus Ring



Lord of the storms Zeus will guide you through the storm and heavy seas. When the ship is approaching a storm, some will jump overboard in hope to reach an island of ease and plenty, only to find it was a mirage all along…. The strong, the loyal, will hold fast, they will hold true. They will batten down with courage and determination, working together to weather the storm. Those are the ones that will reach the calm and the sun.

Zeus Ring is set with 3 crystals - Fire Opal 4mm, Smoky Quartz 4mm, Onyx 4mm.

Available in Sterling Silver, 9ct Rose Gold, 9ct Yellow Gold.  

Mens Sizing guide as below and we will resize on request:

Size UK size US size
Small S 9 1/4
Medium U 10 1/4
Large W 11 1/4