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The Fire & Ice Ring

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Arkansas Ice Quartz infinitely bound with the passionate flame of the Amber Citrine Vortex.

The balance of these two elements manifests for the wearer infinitely aligned opportunity, and sparks the life that you were truly meant for...


ICE For the serenity and clarity, the stillness and patience for true manifestation.  We can only manifest what it is that we truly need - not what our mood or fleeting environment allows us to imagine.

We must uncover and discover the path that is truly meant for us, by being as still and clear as ice.

FIRE: Now set that path ablaze with the Amber Citrine and walk through the flames. For at your feet you will discover the clearing of the old has allowed for the new.  Each step you take is welcomed with budding seeds of new growth and fresh inspiration. 

Ice doesn’t have its clarity unless the water was patient and calm.

Fire doesn’t light unless you strike the match. YOU have to start it, and its unpredictability from there is exactly its power. 

You discovered the direction whilst meditating on the ice - but the fire has the wisdom to take you where the wind blows…


If the path was predictable, then it was a pathway of the mind and not of the heart.

Tap in to your hearts truest intentions, AND GET THERE, with the power of the Fire & Ice Ring.


Available in Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold.  

Mens Sizing guide as below and we will resize on request:

Size UK size US size
Small S 9 1/4
Medium U 10 1/4
Large W 11 1/4

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