Wicken Candles

Wicken Candles.   Hand poured natural soy wax candles available in 4 bespoke Wicken scents:  Rejuvenation, Good Fortune, Mediation and Love.

Candles are 450ml with approx. 80 hour burn time.


REJUVENATION White birch and sage. Listen carefully and you will hear the whispers of transformation and growth. Cleanse, start anew, revive, go where no other will. The Birch tree sings to us, shine! Take hold! express your creativity and access wisdom. Liight the way so others may follow

GOOD FORTUNE Peony Rose and Bergamo Uplift your soul!  This will open up a portal to abundance, happiness and good fortune. Enhance love and energy throughout your home

MEDITATION Jasmine and Lemongrass Jasmine is a symbol of the moon, it will help you to relax, calm,sleep, remove depression, nerves and help silence worries. Lemongrass will enhance your physic abilities during meditation

LOVE White ginger and oak. Empower your inner Goddess! and attract love, feel the emotions and live in the moment. You are wild, you are women ,you are free