Wicken harnesses the ancient symbols and knowledge of Wicca, combined with protective and positive crystals. The purpose is not only to adorn the body, but to inspire the soul and invigorate the spirit.

Every day I feel blessed to be alive. After a truly beautiful and inspiring trip to London and Paris in 2015, I suffered a life threatening medical event on the flight back home to NZ. Surviving this brought me a renewed perspective on life, and an openness to everything it brings.

My journey back to wellness was as much about healing my mind and spirit as it was my body. The symbols you see woven into every Wicken piece are at the heart of that. They’re my chance to send out into the world a powerful, yet beautiful piece of jewellery to help women uncover their own strength and beauty.

During my recovery, I turned to nature and crystals for healing. Wicken was born from this, and I started to design and research the pieces for the White Witch collection and several other collections to follow.


Our collections hold true meaning with each piece acting like a talisman, there to help you find balance, strength, reconnect with who you are and empower your inner Goddess.

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